Seasol International Pty Ltd is an Australian family owned company, which manufactures and markets a range of organic and organically based liquid fertilisers, seaweed based tonics and soil conditioners, designed to maximise plant growth and soil health. In the 40 years since the company has been operating Seasol International has created two iconic brands - Seasol and PowerFeed, which currently occupy 75% of the liquid fertiliser market in Australia. The retail range is successfully sold through independent nurseries, hardwares, big barns, grocery and variety stores.

In commercial horticulture and agriculture Seasol is used extensively throughout Australia on hobby farms, orchards, vineyards and large-scale production farms to improve growth and productivity.

Our products deliver outstanding results in the garden and in the field and are backed by significant and ongoing scientific research.

Seasol is a clean and green product that is certified organic by the world’s creditable certifiers. 

We currently export our products to a number of International markets including Japan, Taiwan, Mauritius, Malaysia, UK, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Brazil and the USA.